Tired of battles at bedtime with your preschooler?

What if you had a plan? 

What if – instead of feeling frustrated – you could use proven strategies to get past the resistance and get your little one off to sleep? 

end bedtime battles
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With Bedtime Busters you'll get a step by step ebook guide to show you how to approach bedtime battles without getting stressed and frustrated, how to set your expectations with your child, AND how to get past that resistance in creative ways so no one feels like they lost. (But you actually win.)

Strategy not stress.

Do you know how sometimes it feels like bedtime should be going just fine but it’s not?

Those days when you’ve done all the good things like keeping your kids busy playing inside, playing outside, taking naps at the right time and eating dinner and snacks when you normally do?

And that familiar bedtime routine has all happened like clockwork – so it feels like right now your child should be settled, calm and going to sleep…

…but instead you’re in a battle.

Maybe your kiddo’s refusing to get into bed or won’t sit down while you read the stories or they went to bed but now they’ve got up again (four times) –  and you?

You’re looking at the ceiling, taking deep breaths and thinking,

“What do I do now?”
What can you actually do and say to make this behavior stop and get that quiet peaceful evening you need –  and get your child the rest you know they need?

That’s what Bedtime Busters is going to give you.

You’ll find practical advice to help you calmly and intentionally deal with whatever your child is doing,  avoid yelling and a whole bunch of strategies to get past that resistance without your child – or you – feeling like you lost.


So what happens when you buy Bedtime Busters – do all of the behaviors that you’re seeing suddenly stop?

Honestly, no.

Even the best kids – the most obedient, placid kids have tricky bedtimes sometimes – just like they have tricky days sometimes.

So I can’t promise you that you’ll never face another tricky bedtime – but what I can promise you is that if it happens you’ll face it with a plan.

And a plan makes all the difference.

Inside this ebook you’ll find a plan to help you approach difficult bedtimes without getting stressed and frustrated with your child.

And it’s going to give you practical, actionable strategies – things that you can say and do with your child – to get past the behaviour and make it stop.

So that you’re not in a battle – you and your child are not opposing each other.

Instead you’re going to learn to diffuse the situation without anyone feeling like they gave in.

Plus, to encourage your little one to get on board and go to bed like a champ, you’ll receive this printable bedtime tracker chart to help you focus in on improving every aspect of bedtime

Add routine cards for easier days and nights

And, to boost your chances of having a chilled-out child who’s okay with going to bed, you can choose to bundle up and grab these awesome routine cards along with Bedtime Busters for a great combined price.

Featuring 36 colorful cards,  you’ll be able to customise your bedtime and daytime schedules and create a visual reference to keep your child on track and willingly carrying out daily tasks.

And routine helps to build compliance.

Better routines, better bedtimes.


What you won't have to worry about with Bedtime Busters...

When you get your copy of  Bedtime Busters, here are some of the benefits you’ll find inside:

  • No need to wonder what to do or say next with your child when bedtime’s not going so well – you’ll have a list of strategies with ideas for how to use them.
  • No need to wonder if you’re handling it right – you’ll have tips to guide you.
  • No need to worry that you’re going to crack and yell at your child – you’ll have coping strategies for that too.
  • You won’t dread bedtimes any more – because you’ll know how to handle them effectively to get the peace you need – and the sleep your kiddo needs.

Option 1 - Bedtime Busters Ebook

You can get your Bedtime Busters ebook packed with practical strategies to improve bedtimes with your child for just $13.

You’ll also receive a bonus bedtime chart in three color options to encourage your little one to get on board with better bedtimes.


Buy now for $13

Option 2 - the Better Bedtimes Pack

Or,  for just $17, you can upgrade to the Better Bedtimes pack – which includes Bedtime Busters ebook – plus daytime & evening routine cards to help your child move smoothly from one activity to the next, maximising compliance and reducing resistance to activities they don’t love.


Buy now for $17

Option 3 - the Peaceful Evenings Mega Pack

But what if your child can’t fall asleep without you there?

So every night after the bedtime routine you have to lie down with them and wait…..and wait…….until they finally doze off and you’re free. Or asleep beside them.

If you’d like your evenings back but you don’t know how to teach your preschooler to fall asleep without you there, then you need Solo Sleepers – and this is the bundle for you.

You’ll learn gentle techniques to help you separate from your child at bedtime without tears or stress – and there are three methods for different stages and personality types.

Solo Sleepers is a 100 page ebook guide to teaching your child to fall asleep without mom or dad in the room.

And that’s a LOT of strategies – which is why you get a workbook to help you find the right path for you and remind you of your key strategies when you need it fast.

Grab this combo bundle and get Solo Sleepers (ebook) plus Bedtime Busters (ebook) AND the Routine Cards. 


Buy now for $31


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