A student’s review of Odd Noodle – formerly Dare to Conquer

Hey there.

Thanks for popping in – I know you have hundreds of things to do and plenty of voices to listen to, so I appreciate you reading what I have to say.

If you’ve heard of Scrivs and Odd Noodle and you’ve wondered if this is all legit, you’re in the right place.

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So let’s talk about Odd Noodle – that’s the umbrella brand for Paul ‘Scrivs’ Scrivens’ range of business-building products. Blog Simple Framework, Pocket Business School and Seek the Offer (which used to be called Dare to Conquer, if you’re looking for that) all fall under that big brand.

I’ll explain what those different parts are and – more importantly, explain what being an Odd Noodle member is like for a real person like you and, in this case, me.

For clarity, you should know that I first joined Odd Noodle (which was then Billionaire Blog Club and morphed into Dare to Conquer soon after) in April 2018. That’s bang on two years ago at the time of writing. 

Blogging was a little different then (spoiler – because Pinterest traffic was a lot easier to come by) and back then all I wanted to do was blog. Write posts, get ads, make money. That was my plan – and it worked with a bit of help from Scrivs but my story doesn’t end there. 

How Odd Noodle works

When I started with Scrivs, it was with Billionaire Blog Club which was focussed on …. how to build a blog. Learning to leverage Pinterest, win at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and get affiliate sales were at the heart of what we were learning. 

And it was effective. Following the strategies Scrivs gave, I got enough traffic to get into a decent ad network, Mediavine, 8 months after starting my first blog. A lot of that was down to Pinterest traffic, which as I already said, isn’t so easy to come by nowadays – though there are still PLENTY of bloggers making good money with a blog that gets mainly Pinterest traffic. 

But yeah, it’s harder now in 2020 to get a new blog making money with Pinterest traffic and ads. Still totally possible but the tactics you need to employ are a little different from what they were. 

It was at about that time that Billionaire Blog Club became Dare to Conquer DTC and and the focus shifted to encouraging us to diversify our income streams. You know, because even a year ago that Pinterest traffic was less reliable therefore the linked ad income was less certain too.

So Scrivs started pushing members (through his emails and the Slack community – more about that in a minute) to start creating our own products to sell. And there was a clear split emerging in our community – between members who were / are wedded to the idea of just blogging and making it work and members who were interested in making products of our own to sell. 

And at that point the different brands were born, focusing on different sides of online business. Some people want to just blog to make money. Some people want their own digital products – ebooks, ecourses and so on to make money for them on repeat. 

So where do you fall?

Blog business or product-based business?

So the first choice you’ll have to make isn’t what colour background your site should have, it’s what kind of business model you should pursue. Yes, blogging’s a business. If you don’t treat it like a business, it’s a very time consuming hobby. 

And Odd Noodle has a lot of different products. Scrivs is always (and I mean always) coming up with new ways to help people succeed at creating our own businesses and that’s led to a lot of courses.  To decide what’s right for you, simply check out the guides.

For Scrivs’  in depth Blog Simple Guide to how you can succeed with blogging now, click here. It’s a long guide – but there’s a lot of information there to help you decide whether blogging’s for you – and if you scroll down the page you can get it as a pdf.

There are other courses too. You don’t have to be a blogger to succeed as an online business owner – you can also have your own product based business. Not concrete products but digital products – courses and ebooks that you sell to your readers.

And you’ll still have a website – and blog posts – but your business won’t only revolve around writing blog posts and getting people to read them. You’ll be able to make money from your products and potentially ad money too – which is what I do.

If you’re intrigued about creating your own products and what that kind of business might look like, check out Scrivs’ Pocket Business Handbook

Is this Scrivs legit?

Before I tell you a little more about my own journey with Odd Noodle (which I still call DTC if I’m honest) let’s turn to the elephant in the room (sorry Scrivs).

Is Scrivs legit? Does he know what he’s talking about and is this one of those times where you fork over your cash and receive in return a heap of info so simplistic that you could’ve googled it up in a night without even switching Netflix off?

Actually, he’s been in the online business sphere since 2003 and makes money in various different niches – and while he is a very present and available teacher, he’s not done creating new sites yet.

Let me tell you about my experience as a Scrivs student.

How is Odd Noodle / Blog Simple Framework different?

Scrivs never stops creating content for his tribe. You will get emails that you always open because you can’t wait to see what’s inside (and that’s free so check that out first).

He’s always learning and testing. Some blogging teachers are still selling the same how-to-blog courses that they created in 2016 – with very little change to the material. Scrivs doesn’t do that. The blogging training I received from him in Billionaire Blog Club two years ago was very different from what he recommends now.

Why does his teaching change? Because blogging has changed. It changes all the time. Pinterest changes its algorithm, Google changes its algorithm and pooft! Thousands of bloggers’ traffic (and ad money) disappears overnight. There are winners too, of course, but as I’ve already said, it used to be easier. 

So Scrivs keeps on creating new sites and testing how to make them successful – which means that what he’s teaching are strategies and tactics that he himself uses right now in 2020. This is important. If you’d like to see one of his case studies of a blog of his that’s succeeding now, check this out.

Scrivs the teacher

Scrivs doesn’t just teach you a few tactics for beating the Pinterest algorithm. The best part of being an Odd Noodle student (apart from making money from your business, of course) is that you’ll be pushed at every step. In a good way.

Scrivs together with community manager Marybeth provide ongoing support for everyone through a Slack community. You’ll want to be part of this because it’s the difference between a course that takes your money, sends you a password and says goodbye – and the experience you actually want…

…which is what you get here. You’ll work through the courses of your chosen program (blogging or product) – and all the while you’ll be getting emails that challenge your thinking and encourage you to do better for your audience. 

And you’ll have questions – so you can send an email, or use Slack. Slack is amazing for finding like-minded people who’ve been through your problem and can relate. Maybe you’ll wonder how to set up your product or what to write in an email or how to organise your blog posts on your site. 

Others will have been there and offer you help and it’s usually pretty fast. And Marybeth and Scrivs are in there every day supporting us too. You can tag Scrivs in questions and get an answer from him personally – and he jumps into conversations on the regular too.

Sometimes, his responses won’t be what you want to hear and that can be tough – but it’ll make you think harder about your audience and purpose and come out with better content for them in the end.

You’ll not be short of help and support – and at the time of writing, Slack access is free with your membership.

Getting you to do things you don’t want to do

So I told you already that when I started out with Odd Noodle I was really only interested in blogging. Write posts about mom stuff, get Pinterest traffic, figure out SEO, get into Mediavine, get affiliate sales going etc. It worked for others and I didn’t see why it shouldn’t work for me. 

Why bother making a product? Who even was I to be thinking about writing a book or whatever else? 

Did you see that hint of imposter syndrome there? I spent at least my first year working online convinced that I’d only ever be a blogger writing one to two new posts weekly and reaping the Mediavine rewrds.

And that did work – but the ad income was hard to scale.

But I still didn’t believe that I could create my own product. Who would want it?

But then, something awesome happened. It turned out I wasn’t alone. A bunch of us were chatting in Slack one day last summer and the gist of it was that we were considering launching products but were too scared / not ready / whatever. 

Then someone said ‘I’ll do it if you do it.’

And that was it. The challenge was on. And with others around you, it’s not so scary. About ten of us created our first products as part of that challenge, including my first ebook. 

And now that I’ve figured out marketing a little better it’s selling ok, which is a very welcome addition to my ad income. 

Honestly, without the Odd Noodle Slack community to push me over the edge, I don’t think I would’ve created that book.

Or started a YouTube channel.

Or started doing lives. Man, I was so scared of Facebook live. (I KNOW!)

What will Odd Noodle teach you?

Well, if you decide you want to be a blogger, it’ll teach you all the strategy and tactics you need to succeed. Getting set up in WordPress, writing great blog posts, leveraging the new Pinterest and building your SEO will all feature. But it’s more than that. 

You’ll make a blog you’re proud of – if you listen and do the work. You’ll push your comfort zone and go places you didn’t think you would. And you’ll have all the support you need.

And if you decide to create a product based business, you’ll learn how to make that product the best quality, most helpful product possible for your ideal customer (whom you’ll also learn to identify and find out there on the interweb). Building a tribe of loyal followers, sending quality emails that get opened and building sales pages also feature heavily.

But it’s about more than that. It’s a group of people who understand and support you and keep you on track towards your goals. It’s a challenge and a support at the same time.

Is it worth joining Odd Noodle?

It’s worth it.

It’s worth investing in your education in this online world because it’s bloody hard to figure out on your own. And it’s hard to find a mentor who is in the trenches doing the stuff he’s telling you to.

Who creates new courses all the time.

Who supports his students every day – and challenges them too – and calls bullshit when he sees it.

I’ve bought a bunch of blogging courses. Most of them I’d have to search my inbox to find the login details. 

Not Odd Noodle. I’m in there every day – in the courses and in Slack finding out what I missed and learning.

I hope I’ll see you there too.

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Hint – you should probably read both before you decide. Just saying.