Awesome kids’ holiday activity – the Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for a new Christmas tradition for your family?

Why not allow your kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve? That’s exciting enough – but you can also create a treasure hunt for them to find it.

Download the free printable Christmas treasure hunt clue sheet here – no need to enter your email.

There’s also a blank sheet if you prefer to create your own clues.

Why a Christmas treasure hunt?

Christmas Eve is the most exciting night of the year. Knowing that Santa is coming but having to make it to bedtime – kids are brimming with pent-up energy.

So give them something to do to burn it off.

Wouldn’t you like to build happy memories of cosy Christmas Eves spent together as a family? Everyone laughing and running to and fro looking for clues?

It’s so much fun for the children and you’ll enjoy watching them and sharing their joy.

If you’re tired, don’t worry – it really doesn’t take long to set up. And the clues are done for you – all you need to do is hide them.

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If you love fun holiday traditions, try this free printable Chrsitmas Eve treasure hunt. Simple to set up for kids with funny clues, there's also a blank version for you to create your own personalised clues for your children. #parentingideas #Christmas #holidaytraditions #families
Use our clues – or page 2 has a blank version for you to create your own

Setting up your treasure hunt

Once you’ve printed and cut out your clues, pick a gift that your child can receive a little early.

Create personalised clue for your children and home or use ours.

Now, take your gift and begin with clue number 1. This is the clue that you will hand to your children to begin the treasure hunt so follow what it says to the best spot to place clue #2.

Repeat with the other clues. Go through them all, like your child will, to be sure it makes sense and the clues are left in logical positions.

When you are finished, choose a fitting place to put the gift for each child to find.

It’s a good idea to follow the clues one more time or get someone else to before you start.

What if more than one child is taking part?

We’ve only created one set of clues (so far!) so you can either dream up separate clues for each child yourself or they can all work together and take turns to read the clues and decide where they need to go next.

Once they reach the final clue, you will have to select different ‘favourite places’ to suit each child for gift locations.

Bring everyone back together

Be sure to remind the children to bring their gifts back to you when they find them – before opening them!

Isn’t giving gifts all about watching the recipient open them up and love what they find? This is up to you, of course, but I would want to watch them all open their gifts together.

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Play and drink cocoa

…or whatever your family likes to drink on Christmas Eve.

The other benefit of letting your kids have a gift early is that they now have something to do until it’s time for bed.

Don’t do the treasure hunt too late or there won’t be time for them to enjoy their new toys before they have to go to bed for Santa.

Once they have had their supper and played, they will be all ready to go to bed.

This awesome, funny Christmas Eve treasure hunt for kids could be your newest holiday tradition. With free printable clues and a blank version for you to get creative, it's perfect if you're looking for things to do with your children in December. #christmas #parentingideas #toddleractivities #families #parentingtips

What else could you do with this treasure hunt printable?

If you print the blank clue sheet, you could also create a set of 8 Christmas challenges to hide around the house. It could be anything from creating a seasonal centrepiece or wreath to organising the Christmas cards!

You could offer rewards for carrying out each challenge and a bonus (a trip to the ice skating rink?) for doing them all. I think I would also offer rewards for teamwork or helping younger siblings.

Happy hunting!

So there you have it! A simple Christmas Eve tradition for your family to enjoy all together.

But why just make it Christmas Eve? You could go all out and create a treasure hunt from Santa for ALL the gifts – or mix it up and have your treasure hunt earlier in the festive period. In that case, you might want to have simple sweets and candy for prizes instead of actual Christmas gifts.

Download your Christmas treasure hunt here now.

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