Never forget who gave which kid what again

Christmas is supposed to be a fun time for everyone – but if you’ve got kids and they get gifts from many kind friends and relatives, it can be nightmare trying to remember which Auntie gave what to which little human.

Where did those socks come from?

Did Grandma give Stevie that big toy garage or was it Aunt Carol?

That’s what this Christmas gift tracker does – and I think it’s going to make a big difference to your Yuletide mornings.

You can find the link to the printable at the bottom of the page.

Why do you even need a Christmas gift tracker?

Well, I mean technically you don’t need a Christmas gift tracker. But you need some way to know who gave each child what – because otherwise you end up feeling bad when Auntie Wendy asks whether the parcel arrived and how the kids like their gifts and you say,

“Yes! Thank you. They love them.”

Meanwhile, inside your brain is going at 100 miles per hour trying to remember whether she gave little Susan the toy baby shark or the fluffy dolphin. Or just anything concrete that you KNOW was in that package that you could mention.

Because you don’t want to hurt her feelings or seem ungrateful.

You want her to know that you remember exactly what she sent and tell her how the kids play with the things all the time and they created blah blah blah with them – so she feels appreciated.

remember who gave your child which gift

But it’s hard to keep track of the gift opening on Christmas morning

It’s a first world problem for sure – but it IS a problem.

If like me, your kids receive gifts from you and from grandparents and from aunts and uncles and also from their friends and your friends, things can get out of hand quickly. 

You know which parcels are from Auntie Wendy and you’re waiting for Susan to open hers so you can eyeball it and remember for when you speak to Auntie later – but then something happens. 

Big brother can’t get into a gift and needs you to cut the tape or you have to spend five minutes extracting a plastic monster from it’s hugely not-eco-friendly (and pretty much bullet proof) package – and when you finally finish doing that, someone shoves a gift in your hands and asks why you’re not opening your own presents.


And you look around the chaos – the kids are happy and your mom is picking up the mass of paper wrap and putting it in recycling bags – thanks mom. 

But there’s stuff everywhere and you have no clue which presents came out of which parcels. Again.

How are you going to write thank you notes? Or even thank you Facebook messages? 

You ask the other big people in the room for input and try to piece together where the gifts came from.

But it’s not ideal.

There’s really two options if you want to keep track of your kids’ gifts

You could go down the minimalist giving route. 

Something to wear, something they need, something they want, something to read.

Ask the relatives to buy specific items so you’ll recognise them – or ask them not to send gifts at all. Or make donations or sponsor a donkey on Susan’s behalf.

who gave your child which gift

But the truth is that relatives like choosing and sending gifts at Christmas

It’s fun for people (maybe especially older folks whose kids are out of the house – or who never had any) to choose colorful gifts and wrap them up and send them to eager little ones far away.

It’s a connection to loved ones we don’t see often – and back to days gone by with their own kids when they were little.

Maybe you don’t want to take that away.

And you don’t have to. But let’s see if we can make it a little bit less of a headache for you, mama – because I bet you’ve got enough going on at Christmas without trying to turn into a Type A master-memorizer.

Get you free printable Christmas Gift Tracker…

…and grab a pen and watch those kids unwrap.

If you have several children and adults around, designate an adult per child to see what they unwrap and who it came from – it’ll be easier if you’re not trying to do everyone yourself.

And tell the big people what you’re doing in advance – so they don’t shove gifts in your face when you’re trying to get your gift tracking done.

Then all that’s left to do is write the thank you notes. (Because mom already sorted the mess, right?)

>>Click here to download you free printable Christmas Gift Tracker<<

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