Free printable Christmas cards to design, color & print

It’s mid December and the kids are running around jumping on the sofa and generally driving your crazy. Of course they’re excited – what kid isn’t when Santa’s just around the corner? But wouldn’t a quiet, seasonal activity be great right now?

This set of printable Christmas cards is perfect for winter afternoons at home, teachers looking for an easy but relevant filler activity – or anyone who’s got a relative on the way over for a surprise visit and no Christmas cards left in the box.

Print. Fold. Voila.

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The types of cards

There are three types of cards included – three designs that you can simply print, fold and use, four that you can print and have your kids color and a further three that have a space blank for kids to create their own design.

You can download this set of printable Christmas cards by clicking here >>

What to do with these printable xmas cards?

First, take a look through the whole deck. You don’t need to print them all – just the ones you like. 

Are you looking for Christmas cards you can print and color in or have your kids color in? Or do you prefer to create your own design? Or maybe you just want to sign the thing and hand it over with minimal fuss? You choose. 

First, print

So, select the pages you like and hit print. Once you’ve got your template, it’s probably best to fold the sheet of paper into a card right away. It’ll save time later.

xmas cards printable

Next, fold

To fold your sheet of A4 into a Christmas card, take your paper and turn it face-down on the table. Put the two short edges together and match them up perfectly. 

Once you’re holding the two ends on the sheet together neatly and tightly, run your hand towards the middle of the sheet of paper. Fold it over as neatly as you can to create a neat edge.

Now do the same again, making sure to finish with your image on the outside on the front cover.

Now color or design

Now that your card’s ready, you can go ahead and design your Christmas image or color the picture provided.


printable christmas cards
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