Free printable thank you notes for Christmas gifts

Christmas Day has happened in all its chaotic glory and now you’re wading through discarded gift wrap and thinking about all the friends and relatives you need to thank.

If you ever have trouble remembering who gave which child which gift (me! I have this problem every year!) then you should download my free kids’ gifts tracker too. 

But if you know who you need to thank and it’s just a matter of getting on with it, then these free printable Christmas thank you notes are just what you need.

Why use printable thank you notes at Christmas?

If your home’s anything like mine – messy, socks everywhere – oh and also OVERLOADED with gifts at Christmas from kind and often very generous family and friends, then the thought of thanking everyone is a little daunting.

But you seriously HAVE to do it – because it’s so cringeable when you’re sipping your cuppa a few days later and suddenly your phone pings with a new message.

“Did Susie like her present?”

You can just about remember what the gift was – but it’s so embarrassing that they had to ask you for a simple ‘thank you’.

And a Facebook messenger thank you is fine. 

It’s 100% better than nothing. 

But a hand written thank you note for a Christmas gift is lovely.

It makes the effort and expense of choosing, buying and sending it seem worthwhile – and truly appreciated.

And I know what you’re thinking…

“But – but – writing 30 thank you notes will take me forever.”

Yes, it’ll take a little time, sure.

But Facebook thank yous take up time too.

And those little hand-written notes make it feel like you tried a little harder to show your appreciation.

Maybe even got kiddo to write their own.

But writing multiple letters – even short ones – is going to take some time.

free printable thank you notes

And that’s where these free printable Christmas thank you notes come in

Because I’ve already written the notes for you. 

You just need to download your copy of the file below, print it out and fill in the person’s name, the gift they gave (which is where that gift tracker printable comes in handy) and sign.

And you’re done.

Or your kid’s done – and if they’re pretty new to writing, that’s probably enough for them.

But you can write the whole thank you note yourself if you prefer

If you want to write your own messages and make it more personal, print the blank version of the thank you notes and you can fill it in any way you like.

But it’ll still be way prettier than a sheet from your notebook.

Ready? Great.

You can download your free printable thank you notes for Christmas gifts here.

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christmas gift thank you notes