Ready to get organized for home schooling this year?

Not sure where to start?

This printable homeschool planner – designed by a teacher – will keep track of everything for you.

So you can ditch the stress and  get it all done.



With this printable planner you'll get over 50 pages of schedule and planner layouts for every aspect of learning, teaching and organizing a homeschool. Pick and choose the ones that suit you.

Organized, not stressed.

When you’re homeschooling it feels like there’s just SO much to do – lessons to prepare, resources to create or source, long term targets and grades to track…

…and you want to make it all fun and engaging…

…and you might have more than one kid to plan for…

…maybe some little ones running around too…

…and maybe you need to fit your own work in on top of all that – but you CAN get it all organized and fit what you need to into your days.

So nothing feels half-assed, nothing gets forgotten and you don’t feel like your existence is one massive plate-spinning act.

I’m not going to pretend that downloading a planner is going to magically make all that happen – it’s a tool to help you organize your homeschooling, not a magic wand.

But using a dedicated homeschooling planner is a great first step. Using it. Making a habit of filling it out and reflecting on how things are going. 

That’s how this planner’s going to help you – by giving you a way to organize your thinking and the 1000 things you’re dealing with every day.

You can plan per day, per week, per subject or per child – or any combination of those. 

See at a glance what you’ve already covered and where you want to go this year (or month or week).

You can even plan what the littlest members of the family will be doing while you teach (and work)  – so their days are purposeful too.

And you don’t end up sticking the TV on every time you need a bit of peace.

printable homeschool planner

What's inside?

So you’re ready to end the frustration but what do you actually get? What will this planner look like?

It’s minimalist with a splash of color – because who has time to top up their printer ink every week?

And the fifty plus page designs cover everything from daily and weekly schedules for one kid, or for multiple kids –  or for you. 

Choose the style that works best for you and go ahead and figure out your week – because  you know it’s only ever gonna work for you if you use it and make planning ahead a habit.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of those schedules…

Need longer-term planning?

When I was teaching, I wanted to include all the info I had to make my planning as effective as possible – so right here you can keep track of:


  • your child’s interests and how they learn best
  • targets for the longer and shorter term
  • subject and block plans for putting together projects
  • lesson sequence planners
  • resource planning & purchases
  • assessing your child’s progress – and evaluating how effective your program is

And the admin side is there too

Need to track grades? Attendance? What about expenses? You’ll get forms for all of those too so you can keep your records simply without adding to your workload.

And when you need a place to write that thing down – whether it’s an assessment comment or a website you just need to remember – you’ll have a place for it that’s organized and set up to help you. 

And when it’s time to plan again, you’ll have all that information ready to make you even more effective this time around.

What you WON'T have to worry about with this planner:

  • You WON’T have to struggle to fit everything into your busy day any more.
  • You WON’T have to wonder how those other homeschooling moms seem to manage everything so easily.
  • You WON’T have to fit into a one-size-fits-all schedule – this planner gives you LOTS of choices.
  • You WON’T have to write your toddler’s activities on a post-it – they get their own planner too.
  • You WON’T feel like you’re constantly juggling homeschooling and work commitments because they’ll all be planned out at the best times in advance.
  • You WON’T have to spend hours creating a planner from scratch.


Why do you make homeschool planners?

I’m Sheena and I was an educator teaching 4-12 year olds for over ten years. Over those years I used a bunch of different planning formats and learned that the best planner is the one you actually USE.

Seems super obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how many plans sit on a shelf. Let’s not make yours one of those.

To plan effectively for teaching and learning, you need to know where your child is at now and where you want them to go.

Then you can figure out how to get them there  – and present that in a way that makes sense to you and is easy to action.

I aim to help you do that with this planner.

Will this planner work for me if my child is also going to school?


Blended learning – or a mix of homeschooling / distance learning and days in school will be the reality for many of us right now. It’s a huge challenge and shift for you but getting organized and planning what you’ll teach on the home learning days will give you confidence that you can do this.

How do I get started?

So after you complete your purchase you’ll receive your downloadable file pretty much right away. Don’t print it all right away – look through all the pages and choose what you need. Start will a year overview, monthly calendar, weekly and daily schedules and the admin sheets. Next, choose your recording pages and curriculum planners and note the page numbers. 

As you get into your planning, you might find you switch to a different daily schedule or term plan and that’s fine. It’s all about figuring out what really works for you.

How will I receive my downloadable file?

I use SendOwl as a trusted partner to handle purchases and distribution.

That means that you’ll be redirected to SendOwl to complete your purchase and you’ll receive your planner download link directly from them.

How do I pay? Can I use PayPal / credit card?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal account – but all our payments are processed through PayPal.

PayPal allows you to pay by card instead of using a PayPal account if you wish.

If you don’t want to pay with your PayPal account, please click the payment link and once it takes you into PayPal, select the option to pay by card. 

How long will I have access to this planner?

You’ll be able to download this planner through your SendOwl download link 5 times. 

I recommend that you save a copy of the pdf to your computer so you can access it readily without needing to search your emails.

If you receive a product update, your downloads will be reset.

What about product updates?

If I update this planner for any reason, you’ll receive the updated file free – and SendOwl will send you an update notification if you subscribe to their emails during check out. I recommend that you do but, of course, that’s entirely your choice.