The Online Prenatal Class for Couples – A Review

Are you wondering whether to enrol in the Online Prenatal Class for Couples from Pulling Curls? This review will give you an inside peek into this excellent course from an experienced labor nurse. Plus I’ve got a discount code for you!

A prenatal class is totally worth it – whether you’re on baby #1 or #5 – it never hurts to get a refresher! Take a class and you’ll know what to expect from each stage of labor, what pain management techniques can help and what’s involved in procedures like epidurals and C-sections.

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Making it manageable

But as a pregnant mom, any day you have to do more than just the basics of work and home life can be exhausting – mentally and physically. For me, it’s all about making life as manageable as it can be for those nine months. Everything has to fit around that, which is why online courses are a godsend.

Today, I want to share with you how The Online Prenatal Class for couples from Pulling Curls is ideal for getting you and your partner ready for your baby’s birth. It’s got all the information you need without the stress of fitting a class into your day.

What else you could do

When I was pregnant, it was so hard to get out of work for a prenatal class – never mind get my partner there too!

So I didn’t do a childbirth class at all with my last baby, which was a mistake because I’d forgotten a lot of what happens (thank goodness) and could really have used the refresher.

Instead I tried to remember how my last birth had gone – but I don’t think we are wired to remember! Then I asked my partner and he delighted in telling me again the weird things I said during labor.

And I googled a lot and browsed Pinterest – all of which was helpful but lacked the structure and focus of a prenatal class delivered by a childbirth professional.

Which is why, when I heard about Pulling Curls’ prenatal class, I was excited to see what an online course could offer.

Why for couples?

The great benefit of this online prenatal class is that it’s easy to prepare not just you, but also your partner for your baby’s birth. It’s so important for your partner to know what’s coming and how he can help you cope during labor.

Let’s face it – labour and birth are scary. There’s going to be pain and eventually blood and somehow you have to cope and get through that.

It’s scary for you but also for your partner. He knows he’s going to see you in pain and that’s going to be tough. How much better would it be if he knew what to expect in advance AND could support you through? By learning and talking through what you want, your partner can be a big part of this birth and an amazing support to you.

It’s something I wish I’d paid more attention to before my babies were born. We could definitely have been better prepared to face labor together – I didn’t know myself what I needed to tell him!

The Online Prenatal Class for couples from Pulling Curls delivers on its promise to get you and your partner all set for delivery with no fuss and all the details you need. #prenatalclass #pregnancy #newmums #labor

Who is Hilary?

Hilary Erickson, founder of Pulling Curls and creator of The Online Prenatal Class for Couplesis also a practising Labor and Delivery nurse of 17 years’ experience. She used her knowledge of supporting moms through labor and delivering face-to-face prenatal classes to build her online prenatal class.

What will you learn?

The course includes everything you would learn at a hospital class (except local details) and everything you need to feel ready to give birth.

It’s so comprehensive, going into as much detail as is needed – even though birth is a pretty intimate subject a lot of the time. Nothing is off limits with Hilary, as you’d imagine from someone who’s supported hundreds of women through childbirth.

You’ll learn

Here is a flavour of just a few of the topics that the course covers.

When you should go to hospital  during late pregnancy

There are situations in late pregnancy where your hospital team are just going to want you to grab your bag and head right in. Hilary goes over when it’s a good idea to just go into hospital – such as when you’re bleeding or feeling less movement.

What to expect during labour, birth and postpartum and your hospital stay

As I already mentioned, much of what goes on in the delivery room you forget really fast! So even if it’s not your first baby, Hilary’s run down of what to expect when you arrive and as your labor progresses will be really useful.

She gives you lots of pro tips and explains things that happen that you might be wondering about – like WHY do I have to have SO MUCH fetal monitoring? Gently, she leads you through the whole process through to giving birth.

What giving birth will look like

This is a lengthy chapter – well, there’s a lot to talk about!


How your birth will go depends on so many factors, one of which is whether your labor is spontaneous or induced. Hilary explains what you can expect from an induction from the moment you arrive in hospital.

I had three inductions and I think I could really have used more detailed information like this about what exactly they were going to do to me.

Laboring and pushing

After going through this chapter you’ll know what to expect in early labour, how to push effectively and when to expect to see the doctor*. A lot of this stuff is intimate – some of it might seem embarrassing but it’s definitely a good idea to talk it through together with your partner in advance.

She also fills you in on what comes immediately after the birth – both for baby and for you.

(*It’s created for the American hospital system so if you live elsewhere there might be a few differences.)

What your pain relief options are

Whether it’s natural you want or straight to the epidural, Hilary guides you as to the pros and cons so that you can have an informed discussion before you get to hospital.

There’s also a lengthy video discussing specifically natural pain relief strategies such as breathing and relaxation. If you want to go natural, this chapter gives you a great introduction to how you can do that.

See the course breakdown

It’s a thorough course with many, many topics covered. If you’d like to see all the chapter headings you can  find the course outline under the ‘learn more about the class” section here for all the details.

How will you learn?

This class is a blend of text and videos. I think that format works really well because the video and written content of each lesson is complementary. The video will talk you through everything like you’re speaking to a friendly nurse at your own hospital. Then you have the detailed written chapters to read, so there’s no need to take a lot of notes.  Just note anything you want to include in your birth plan.

The format is very accessible and divided into chapters that would each make a good evening’s discussion – though, of course, you can go through it as quickly or slowly as you like.

Hilary manages to keep the tone light with sparks of humour while still giving you the depth of detail you need from your prenatal education.

Benefits of the course

This course is thorough but contains all the detail you will need to be properly informed about the process of childbirth. By working your way through the lessons, you’ll find that you gain a great understanding of each stage of labor, what will happen at each stage and how your partner can help you.

I learned a lot about why hospital staff make the decisions they do and what to expect upon arrival. And I liked that she included a section about induced labor because I’ve had several inductions.

While giving you all this information, the course also won’t waste a moment of your time. I feel that my time is precious and I don’t want to spend longer than I have to on any task.

This online prenatal course didn’t disappoint. It’s easy to work through a little at a time so you have time to discuss each lesson with your partner before moving on.

What results can you expect?

You don’t want to be talking about the pros and cons of pain options once the pain has started or trying to explain that you need to control your breathing as a contraction hits. (One of those happened to me and left me wishing we had gone to prenatal class together.)

YOU will have the knowledge of what is happening to your body to empower you to rock this birth and YOUR PARTNER will know exactly what your wishes are and how he can help you succeed.

Whatever your thoughts on pain relief and drugs, nothing beats making well-informed and well thought out decisions for you and your baby.

FAQ – Got questions? We’ve got answers

Who is the Online Prenatal Class for Couples for? Is it a good fit for me?

This is a course for pregnant women and couples who would like to have the benefit of a prenatal class but cannot make it to a hospital class.

It could be because you are busy and so is your partner so you can’t get to class together. Or perhaps you actually prefer the privacy and convenience of online learning.

Whatever your reason for choosing to do your prenatal class online, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of instructor Hilary who has been a registered labour and delivery nurse in the USA for 17 years.

How much does it cost?

You can take this childbirth class in three ways with corresponding price points.

Ebook only

The most cost-effective is purchasing the e-book. You’ll receive a workbook but won’t be enrolled on the online course. This option is $20.

Online course

Next is the online course, which you can take at your own pace independently and ask Hilary questions via email. This is what I did and I thought it worked very well to provide enough information and support for my learning experience. The price for this is $99 but you can choose to pay in instalments.

Online class

The most supportive option is the online class. This involves taking the online course over a period of one month alongside other couples with Hilary’s support via email and a dedicated Facebook group. You might enjoy this option the most if you are looking to connect with other expectant families.

The third option of the online class with access to the Facebook group & learning alongside Hilary is $149, but here too you can pay by instalments.

What are the pros and cons of this course?


  • You get the same information you would at a hospital prenatal class delivered by a qualified childbirth educator.
  • There’s no need to synch schedules with your partner because you do the whole thing at home and at your convenience.
  • No waiting around while other parents-to-be ask endless questions!
  • No need to take notes because you can return to the lessons and review if you need to.
  • Complete but concise information – I love that you don’t waste any time on this course! You’re busy, you’re tired – and you just want to learn what you need and move on. With this class, you will.


  • Some pregnant couples enjoy meeting other parents at in-person classes and you don’t get that element here. But you will still meet other couples when you are in hospital having the baby.
  • The information is not specific to the practises of your hospital. But if you take a tour of the hospital in advance, you will be able to ask questions and check what their procedures are.

Ready to find out more? Head on over to Pulling Curls and take a look at the course breakdown – then sign up.

Be sure to use code SHEENA10 to get a 10% discount.

Is this course very time-consuming?

The course includes an hour of video, broken up over the twelve lessons. The videos are Hilary talking to the camera so it’s just like she’s in the room with you as your nurse explaining what’s going to happen.

These videos are straight to the point and detailed but they’re not lengthy.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples sets out to give you all information that you need to be prepared for the birth of your baby.  It also aims to do it succinctly so that you are not spending more time doing this course then you really need to.

In addition to the videos there is text to read in each chapter, which supports the video content.

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Is it easy to work through this online prenatal course?

The course is on the very intuitive teachable platform.

If you’re familiar with teachable you know that it’s quick and simple to set up your account and if you have bought several courses they will appear on the one dashboard. I also know from experience that it’s easy to reset your password if you forget it!

You will be able to access the course on whatever device (phone, tablet, PC) you prefer and if you have more than one, it will sync perfectly if you switch devices.

How can I be sure this course is right for me?

This is a really popular course that has been taken by hundreds of parents now with great feedback.

There’s also a money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Where can I buy it – and when will I get access?

Everything is online so you can start right away. You can visit Hilary’s store by clicking this link:

>>Click here to sign up now  SHEENA10 is the code you need to get 10% off<<

What will you do with all the time you’ll save?

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This comprehensive online prenatal class, taught by a registered nurse, is all the childbirth education you need to be confident and ready to go with this baby! Tips in the video lectures take you through late pregnancy, what to expect from labour and childbirth and on to meeting your baby. Whether you're planning epidural or natural birth, this class has you covered. #parentingideas #births #childbirtheducation #mumadvice

Don't get caught unprepared - take your prenatal class online with Pulling Curls and get your partner involved too. You'll both be raring to go and meet this baby, full of confidence and tips for childbirth. #childbirth #labor #prenatal

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