Try this tasty paleo-friendly lactation smoothie

We breastfeeding mamas love finding new ways to boost our milk supply! I was happy munching down bowls of porridge (oatmeal) until I decided to go back to paleo and ditch oats from my diet.

This is the recipe I came up with and love. It’s simple and you can soak the ingredients in the fridge overnight for a quick turnaround in the morning. If you’re looking for an easy, healthy breastmilk shake, this is it!

I’m not a medical professional and this should not be taken as medical advice.
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A boobie smoothie that’s vegan, paleo, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free!

I knew that oats were great for my milk production and wanted a breakfast that would give me the same lactation boost as my porridge without the grains – and be dairy-free.
Almonds are great for milk production and make almond milk so leaving dairy our it simple. All you have to do is remember to soak your almonds so they’re soft and ready to blitz in the morning.
If you’re into clean eating, this smoothie’s  perfect for you because there isn’t a single processed ingredient and you make the whole thing from scratch in a few minutes – not counting the overnight soaking.

An easy, healthy paleo lactation smoothie for breastfeeding mums. Containing fenugreek and other lactation boosters, make this delicious, healthy, dairy-free shake to give your breastmilk supply a boost. #milksupply #breastfeeding #lactationboosters

Essential equipment – mini blender

I use to make my smoothies in the BIG blender. I didn’t make very many because it was such a hassle to get it out and have all its parts to wash up.

Once I decided to make lactation smoothies regularly, I started using this smoothie maker and it’s so much easier.

It’s lovely to be able to put the whole blender bottle in the fridge with the almonds to soak overnight. Then the next day you simply add the other ingredients and pop it straight onto the base to blitz. Easy – and less washing up for you!


breastmilk boosters

Here’s how to make your lactation smoothie:


1 medium ripe banana
½ cup blueberries
30 almonds soaked overnight in 200ml water
1 tsp chia seeds soaked with the almonds
1 small clove garlic
¼ tsp fenugreek seeds


  1. Place your almonds and chia seeds in water and leave to soak overnight in the fridge.
  2.  Add all remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
  3.  Taste and adjust if needed – extra banana or apple juice will sweeten your shake and apple juice or water will thin the liquid if required.

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Lactation smoothies for a healthy breakfast

In the early months of breastfeeding, you don’t have much time to yourself so a boobie smoothie is a great way to start your day with a healthy meal while you breastfeed your baby.

To notice a difference in your milk production, one smoothie obviously won’t be enough. Try making this recipe part of your daily routine for a week or two to see positive changes.

You will be getting two portions of fruit and protein from the nuts and seeds and it fits great into a vegan or paleo diet. That’s a pretty great start to your day!

Milk supply boosters & flavour

This recipe contains these breastmilk supply boosting ingredients:
Chia seeds

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Make your shake tasty

I tried lots of combinations before settling on this recipe so here are a few tips to make the tastiest smoothie possible:
This shake recipe is designed to include as many milk supply enhancing ingredients as possible while still tasting nice.

  • You will be able to taste the fenugreek and garlic. If either taste puts you off drinking it, next time leave that out. The smoothie will still contain loads of good stuff.
  • You can sweeten the smoothie by adding extra banana or apple juice.
  • Don’t go overboard on the chia seeds unless you like a smoothie that tastes gritty and gets stuck in ALL your teeth!
  • Go for seasonal variations for maximum flavour potential
Boost your breastmilk supply with this simple vegan and paleo approved lactation smoothie. This breastmilk shake includes fenugreek, almonds and blueberries amongst other lactation boosters to make a delicious, simple shake for your clean eating breastfeeding needs. #milksupply #breastfeeding #lactationboosters

how to make lactation smoothie

Other lactation smoothie variations to try:

Seasonal berries and fruits

Add fresh or frozen blackberries for a splash of colour and flavour

Adding fresh or frozen raspberries or blackberries will give you an extra flavour boost and a zing of colour.
In early summer, a handful of raspberries add unmistakable flavour.
In autumn, add homemade stewed apples and a handful of blackberries for a classic taste combination.


Try throwing in a handful of oats for an even bigger lactation boost - if you are OK with grains.

Oats are great for lactation. If you’re not a porridge / oatmeal fan but you want the biggest lactation boosting punch you can get, add ¼ cup of porridge oats and soak overnight. If you are fine with grains, I recommend you include some oats if you are trying to boost your breastmilk supply.

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A final word about lactation boosters

I’m sure you know this…(and this is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE…)

Good nutrition while breastfeeding is important BUT…

Nothing will boost your breastmilk supply like frequent, on-demand breastfeeding.

Removing milk from the breasts is the best way to tell your body to make more. Letting your baby nurse often, day and night – even when it seems there can’t possibly be any milk left in your breasts – is vital to healthy milk supply.

Obvious perhaps, but I just thought I should say that drinking a nice smoothie doesn’t replace frequent breastfeeding. 

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