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teach your toddler to sleep alone ebook

Teach Your Child to Go to Sleep Alone Ebook

Are you tired of lying beside your child until they fall asleep every night? All those snuggles are so sweet but when your kid’s past 2 and a half and you’re still doing it, it might be time for some gentle changes. 

Falling asleep without mommy doesn’t have to be horrible (promise).

Printable Toddler Sleep Log

Does your little kid show up in your room at stupid o’clock in the morning? Or take forever to settle some nights? 

This 30 day printable journal will help you figure out what’s going on so you can do more of the good stuff.

toddler sleep log

Baby Sleep Journal

You look into that sweet little face giggling at you at 3am and ask your baby out loud what they actually want from you.

If your baby’s rocking it 24/7 and you just want to figure out what helps them sleep better, grab this printable log and start keeping notes with helpful prompts to guide you.

Because seeing what makes the good nights happen could help you have more of them.