I create ebooks and pretty, functional  printables  to make your family life easier, less stressful and more relaxing – especially at schooltime and bedtime. 

So how can I help you?

Teach your child to fall asleep alone

Are you tired of lying beside your child until they fall asleep every night?

That’s cool if it’s working for you and you love it – but if not, it might be time for some gentle changes. 

Learn how you can teach your child to fall asleep in their own bed alone –  and get back your evenings – without the tears and frustration and stress

How to deal with bedtime battles

Does it take ages to settle your kiddo at night? Maybe between the saying NO and the refusing to put their pajamas on, bedtime’s turned into a battle – and you dread the whole after dinner period – because how long will it take THIS TIME? But you don’t have to accept it. Learn practical, actionable stragegies to cut through the refusal and get your little one off to bed when you decide it’s time.

Routine Cards

Routine Cards will help you create a visual schedule for your child – so you can build routine into every day. More routine means more productivity – and a better chance that your kiddo will do the things you’re asking them to. Plus you can get them involved with setting up the daily cards and choosing the order of tasks. 

Now includes routine cards for homeschooling.

Homeschool Planner

Looking forward to a new homeschooling year?

Or maybe you’re having to provide at-home education alongside school for the foreseeable – and it’s overwhelming.

This homeschool planner helped me get my homeschooling priorities worked out and manage working from home with a teen and two little ones around.

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