If you feel like nothing ever happens when it should in your house, you dread bedtimes, school time – and any other time you need your kids to obey the simplest directions and you feel like you’re in a never-ending, losing battle with the little humans you made, keep scrolling… 

Let’s be real here for a second my exhausted momma – if I popped round this evening, would I find..

  • momma stressing out because the kids are not following the bedtime routine – and apparently only hear you when you YELL?
  • kids running around the house tripping over the toys they left lying earlier?
  • fights over the remote, which TV show should be the last one, or, of course, the tablet?

It’s not like you want it to be that way – in fact, you’ve read all the parenting books and you have a routine and ‘boundaries’ but it just feels like such hard work getting your own kids to do what you ask them – especially at bedtime. 

But kids get FOMO too

Fear Of Missing Out is a real thing for little people too. But you know that, right? Because as soon as dinner’s over they know they’re on a countdown to bed and they don’t like it.

So I want you to know, that evening chaos isn’t your fault – a lot of it’s down to human nature.

But you can make it better.

So what actually makes bedtime easier?

Did you ever wonder how school teachers get their little charges to sit down en masse and do ….spelling practise …. algebra ….. essay composition? 

Do the kids love those things? Nope. Well, maybe – but they probably don’t love ALL the things they have to do in school but they still do ’em. 

Why? Because it’s part of their routine – not just bedtime routine, a whole day routine that makes up their schedule. 

Time for spelling – better go do spelling. 

The routine, regularly repeated and reinforced, brings compliance with even the most unwelcome tasks. So if your evenings are stressy and messy – or your whole days are a battlefield of kids who won’t comply, try adding MORE routine to your day. 

Oh yeah, and making it fun.

You need Routine Cards

…the simple and fun way to get your child on board with doing everyday tasks even though they fight everything except screen time, hate putting on their socks and it feels like their favorite word is, “No.”


And how will that help, exactly?

Great question…

Routine Cards gives you 42 cute and colorful activity cards showing typical tasks and events that make up your child’s day.

You use ’em to create a visual daily schedule for your child – doing your best to have the same things happen at about the same time each day so they get used to the routine.

Now, instead of telling your child,

“Please put your shoes on,”

because YOU know it’s time for the school run, and getting mixed results – like hiding behind the sofa or flat-out saying NO, with routine cards, they’re involved in every part of the day.

They’ll help you set up the schedule board (which can totally just be a bit of clear wall space) so they know what to expect – do it in the evening for a flying start the next morning.

That way, you’re not dictating to them how the day will go – they’re involved and that means they’re way more invested in doing the things.

Whenever complete a task, they pop the card in the ‘done’ basket so they can see their achievements grow and you can praise and encourage them.

They know what’s coming >> so doing each task feels like the right thing to do >> so they’re more likely to do things they might not love doing >> so they feel pleased and proud that they did it >> and you can offer encouragement and hugs.


What's included?

With Routine Cards, you’ll receive 42 printable full-color cards for daytime and evening activities with your child – in four color choices.


You get all four colors when you purchase so you don’t have to pick right now, but can print test sheets and choose a color for each child if you like.


Jump in now and see how a visual schedule can make your days with your kid (or kids) flow so much easier – until they start racing to put their card in the box FIRST.

But we don’t want to stop them being kids, right? – and the task is DONE, without complaint or chasing them round the kitchen.

Bonus - school tasks cards

Yep – if you’re home schooling this year – or even teaching your child part time alongside regular school – this bonus set of 24 homeschool task cards will help you create routine in your home learning too.

And better engagement – because like we said before, when they know what’s coming, they expect and accept each task way better.

routine cards mock ups

Is this gonna work with my child?

Following a visual schedule is a proven strategy used by educators worldwide – it works for lots of kids – even quite little ones.

If your child’s big enough that you ask them to do things like eat up their breakfast, pick up their toys and get dressed, they’re ready for Routine Cards. 

Get Routine Cards now for just $13

Ready for easier bedtimes – heck, easier days? Hit that button and let’s do this!

(You’re getting 66 cards in total)


Do you offer a guarantee?

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How do I get started?

After you complete your purchase you’ll receive your downloadable files right away.  Get yourself some quality printer paper and laminating pouches – or printable card – and you’re golden. 

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