If your evenings consist of falling asleep beside your preschooler for the 1000th time and waking up at 10:30 pm with bed hair and the knowledge that you just lost another evening getting your kid to sleep – keep scrolling…

Let’s be honest, mama – the struggle is real when you’re lying with your kid to get them to sleep every night.

Do you have:

  • A bedtime routine that happens every night without fail – but somehow isn’t enough to get your little one to settle without you right there?
  • A sweet preschooler who laughs when they fall off the sofa backwards (again) but wow, do they cry if you leave them alone at bedtime?
  • A mental list of 5 box sets you’re dying to start bingeing – but you can’t get near the TV at adult time – because you’re still getting your kid to sleep?
  • A secret hatred for that other mom you know who just pops her kid into bed and says goodnight and heads for the sofa?
peaceful evenings bundle
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You need a better way to handle bedtimes

And it’s not like she’s a better mom. Your kids have good manners, boundaries – probably even clean up their own toys. You’ve got this parenting thing going like clockwork – except for getting that little one falling asleep without you there.

That’s just not happening.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault.


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You see, you’ve been led to believe that if you lie beside your kid until they’re asleep you’re “too soft”.

“Just let them cry,” people’ll say to you, “They’ll soon learn.”

Oh, please.

Who nurtures their kids all day only to stop when night comes?

I bet you didn’t become a mom so you could let your kid cry alone at night.

But you still need an evening.

And you deserve one.

So we need to talk about how ELSE you can help your child learn to fall asleep without you. (Because, for some reason, those cry-it-out folks don’t stop to think about WHY the crying happens – or how you could make it stop without just abandoning your child.)

You need a system that’ll get your child to fall asleep alone HAPPILY – so you can get the peace you need but still be the loving, caring mommy you always knew you would be.

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Introducing the Solo Sleepers method

Solo Sleepers is your complete guide to taking a child who can’t fall asleep alone and building independent bedtimes using tried and tested parenting strategies and zero leaving them to cry.

You don’t have to accept crying and hope it goes away like an unwanted guest – we think about why it’s even happening and deal with the causes.

So their reasons to be upset are gone…

..and you can teach your kid to fall asleep without you even though you’re a soft mommy who wants to savour all the snuggles she can (but still watch those boxsets once in a while).

We're just over two weeks into using your plan for helping our son settle to sleep at night without having an adult in the room with him. It's worked from day one - and I really wasn't expecting it to - we've tried so many different things over the years, but without success. We've had a 100% success rate, even with different people putting him to bed, and a bout of illness for him thrown in. Thank you!
Mom of five

What do I actually get?

The Peaceful Evenings Pack is a digital bundle packed with strategies and resources to get your child falling asleep without you – even if you can’t stand to hear them crying and you’ve been lying beside them at bedtime for literally years.

bedtime charts
You'll also get these cute printable bedtime charts

You’ll receive the Solo Sleepers ebook guide with three methods to choose from depending on your child’s temperament and your current situation.

Each method is practical and completely actionable – and there’s a workbook to help you figure out the best choice for you.

Then we’ll walk through the practical steps that’ll change your little one’s bedtimes for good – all in manageable chunks and with tips for supporting your child the whole way. 

Plus you’ll also get Bedtime Busters – another ebook – to show you how to get past your kiddo’s resistance on those nights when they just don’t want to go to bed – because every kid says, “I don’t want to go to bed,” sometimes.

And to make it all more fun, there’s a selection of printable bedtime charts to help and encourage your little one to want to make progress.

And how much is this gonna cost?

The regular price for this bundle is $27 – but if you act now you can take advantage of our $10 ‘action takers’ discount – meaning you get all this for just $17.

peaceful evenings bundle
I just wanted to let you know that this changed our lives. We had the same problem and this method totally worked when everything else didn't!

Imagine if you didn’t need to stay with your child at bedtime any longer – and they’re getting the rest they need and your grown-up evening STARTS when they go to bed, happily, without you.

Let’s make it happen.

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Hi, I'm Sheena

how to train child to fall asleep alone

I know this change is possible because it happened to us. When my son stopped nursing to sleep, we began to lie beside him to help him fall asleep. 

And it worked – but it went on for years. 

I would lie in his bedroom in the dark wondering what other moms knew that I didn’t? Surely it wasn’t supposed to be this hard? 

And then we learned this simple method – and our lives changed.  

My little boy’s okay with going to bed –  he falls asleep alone and we’ve never looked back.

I want that for you too.