Teach your child to go to sleep alone

teach your toddler to sleep alone ebook

How different will your evenings be when your toddler or preschooler goes to sleep happily without needing you in the room?

Getting little kids to sleep is hard

Getting your kid to sleep is such a basic thing. It should be easy.

It’s the end of the day and your little one is tired and ready for bed. You know that sleep is what they need but it’s not that simple.

Without you in the room, your child just won’t go to sleep. Crying, getting out of bed – the whole nine yards.

So you lie in the dark next to them for however long it takes until they finally go to sleep.

You don’t mind because it’s better than letting them cry – but you feel like they could be going to sleep without you by now. It’s just how to make that happen.

And what about you? Where does your evening go?

Sure, your child goes to sleep happy but you lose time to yourself, time for reconnecting with your partner. You lose time for doing what you choose to do instead of lying in the dark.

But this simple plan is going to change all that. You’ll turn your child into an independent sleeper without crying – in a few easy steps.

So if your sweet little one is 2 and a half  or older and can hold a conversation – if you can reason with them in a simple way – this plan is going to change your evenings for good.

What people say

We're just over two weeks into using your plan for helping our son settle to sleep at night without having an adult in the room with him. It's worked from day one - and I really wasn't expecting it to - we've tried so many different things over the years, but without success. I talked to him the first day, using your guidelines, and we've proceeded with the plan exactly as laid out. We've had a 100% success rate, even with different people putting him to bed, and a bout of illness for him thrown in. Thank you!
Mom of five

Getting your child to go to sleep alone can seem impossible – but now it’s not.

Can you really get your toddler to go to sleep without you and not cry?


Will you know what to say and do?

Also yes.

This book will give you a step by step system for navigating bedtime and tips for building independence and supporting if your child needs it.

You’ll get your evenings back and teach your child to be more independent in a gentle and loving way.

But can't I just figure my kid's sleep out on my own?

Of course you can.

You can keep lying beside your child while they fall asleep and giving them your love and support that way. 

And sooner or later they’ll learn to go to sleep without you or you’ll happen across a tip that works for you.

But this book is going to help you get there now. 

If you’re ready to make a change, you’ll save time and effort with a plan to follow.

(Plus you’ll feel so dang proud of how you handled the whole thing.)

What you'll get:

Strategies to support your child

Guide and help your child through the process of learning to go to sleep alone. You'll know what to say and do to support them every night.

A clear plan to follow

You won't need to wonder what to say and do to help your child. Just follow the steps in the plan. Easy!


Do you feel like peaceful evenings are just not going to happen for your family? Like you'll be stuck with a bad sleeper no matter what? This book will give you the confidence to make changes and stick with them

Progress guide

You'll get a plan to get your child used to going to sleep alone but then what? How do you keep it going? Our progress and troubleshooting guides will show you.

And the price?



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