Fun Valentines’ quiz (with free printable)

Could you use a little inspiration for your Valentines’ activities with your loved one this year?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this free printable – and super cute BTW – Valentines quiz for lovers old and new. But I think older will score higher – just saying.

Dinner and drinks are so 2019. Going dancing? Who can be bothered with that? Not this mama anyway. 

So if you’re done with cliches, why not take a glance at this entirely free (except for your printer ink) how-well-do-you-know-me quiz for the honey in your life. There’s a link at the bottom of this post.

What does a quiz have to do with Valentines’ Day?

At first glance, nothing. But actually, lots.

Take this little quiz to remind yourselves how well you know each other, and the little quirks that make up your shared history and life together. What could be more romantic than remembering that you met on a wet Tuesday when you spilled your coffee in the college cafe and he brought you napkins?

Or that you were friends since you were six but only got together when you were 23 and drunkenly blurted out your true feelings?

how well do you know me quiz for valentines

How well DO you actually know each other?

Does he know that you actually hate cats? 

Or love lattes but would pour a cappuccino into the nearest plant pot?

Or you worked as a babysitter when you were 14?

And you dream of pulling up to work in a Prius. So eco. Nice.

You might be surprised what you don’t know

It’s easy to drift through life without knowing basic facts about your partner.  How many times do you stop in your full-on life to ask them what their dreams are? It sounds so mushy. So removed from reality – like a filler conversation – but what’s more important than knowing your lover’s heart? 

What drives them? What do they think about when they’re alone in their own head – in the car, on the train – even in the bathroom? Where do they go? Can you go to? Do you even want to?

I can’t promise you’ll find their heart in this quiz – but maybe it’ll spark a conversation that takes you to new places.  And let’s face it, if you’ve been together a while, the new and fresh is always welcome.

And if you don’t score 14/14 don’t worry – I didn’t either. 

So don’t bother booking a table

Save yourself some effort (and money) and stay home. Order a pizza, put the kids to bed and talk to each other. That’s the beauty of this Valentines activity – it’s easy, it costs practically nothing and for busy moms and dads who don’t have a sitter on speed-dial, it’s something you can do together without worrying about the kids.

I totally recommend enjoying a glass of wine though – or beer or whatever. It’ll help you answer the questions you’re not sure of. Yep, even if you really don’t know, write something for every question. Okay? Promise?

Why answer every question?


When you skip a question, you lose a piece of the conversation. 

It’s not just about being right – we all love to be right, being right feels awesome – but it’s also about learning new things about your loved one. 

Which actually IS their favorite restaurant? Is it the one you think? If not, that’s useful information for next time you want to book a table for dinner. And if you’re right, you get to laugh about that time the waiter called him by your ex’s name. Or maybe that’s still not funny.

How to play this Valentines’ Quiz

Okay, here’s how to get the most from your evening…

#1  stay home

#2  order in food

#3  get the kids to bed

#4  grab a drink

#5  have 2 copies of the quiz printed – because you’re both gonna play (and no cheating by calling his mom ahead of time.)

#6  take your time and fill out your responses. Don’t rush this. You might remember more stuff if you let yourself take a little time.

#7  go through what you wrote for each question, one by one. read the responses out loud to each other – don’t just swap sheets. It’s way more personal if you actually read out your thoughts and it’ll make for a much deeper conversation. And more laughs – because someone is gonna have something way off – which is the best part.

#8  no pressure but you could totally introduce forfeits for each incorrect answer. It could be taking a sip of your drink or something much more creative. Have fun with it.

#9  tot up your score – because it’s also fun to be a teeny-tiny bit competitive. Why not?

Then what?

It’s your evening. You decide.

Book a trip to that dream destination? Check out old photos from school? Watch weird cat videos on Youtube. 

Whatever you choose to do next with your Valentine, I bet you’ll know a little bit more about them than you did before. Your little worlds just got a little closer together. You’re welcome.

Ready to download this Valentines activity?

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