Which Haakaa is right for you?

So you’ve decided you need a Haakaa in your life.

Great decision – those little silicone thingys are super popular – and for good reason.

But the silicone breast pump has been around for a couple of years now so you have several models to choose from. 

And that includes both updates to the branded Haakaa and competitor products.

So if you know that you need your very own silicone pump, which Haakaa pump is right for you?

Let’s take a look…

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So which silicone breast pump is right for you ? 

Well, what do you need to consider when choosing a Haakaa pump?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

#1  Size  –  Are they all the same size? If not, do you prefer bigger or smaller?

#2  Features – Do you like the simplicity of the basic model or would you prefer a suction base or a Haakaa that converts into a bottle (yes, that’s a thing)?

#3  Brand  – Do you care whether your milk collector’s a genuine branded Haakaa product or are you okay with a competitor like Nature Bond?

#4  Customer feedback – What do other moms prefer? What are the pros and cons of each one?

We’ll think about those points as we look at each option, starting with the original Haakaa pump.

The original Haakaa 


This is the original Haakaa pump – the simple silicone lightweight one-piece design that started it all.  

Thousands of breastfeeding moms – including me – fell in love with its simplicity and convenience. 

And that’s before we even talk about how much milk and time you’ll save – that’s all in this post.

With its 4oz / 100ml capacity, the original Haaka’s perfect for collecting leaking breastmilk whenever you need to.

Height-  6 inches

Weight – 4.8 oz

I know – leaking breastmilk – how glamorous. But you may as well not waste it.

Squeeze the bulb, place the flange over your nipple and release. That’s it.

Your Haaka’s ready to suck.

And you can keep the milk you collect in the fridge till the end of the day then whack it in the freezer to add to your breastmilk stash.

But does it have to be a ‘real’ Haakaa – what are the rival brands like?

The silicone pump I used the most is actually a Nature Bond and it’s been a brilliant purchase. 


I’ve never felt the need to go beyond this basic model because it’s simplicity and convenience were just what I was looking for.

It worked just as well as the Haakaa – and has the same capacity, 4oz / 100ml.

And other brands have brought out their own versions, such as this one from Lansinoh, which also gets great customer feedback.

And many include similar features to the check out the 2nd generation Haakaa – but not the 3rd generation, which we’ll get to in a minute.

What do people say?

The reviews for the original Haakaa model (which you can find here) are overwhelmingly positive and many moms rave about how much they’re able to collect while nursing or pumping on the other breast. 

There are also many mentions of how easy to use Haakaa is and that it’s quiet, unlike most electric pumps.

Some mention that your baby could knock it off if they’re nursing on the other breast while your Haaka’s attached – and that’s true. 

My little one knocked my Nature Bond off once or twice by wriggling – and I solved that by moving her away from it or nursing with her sitting up or underarm or another position that helped keep her away from the Haakaa.

Newer Nature Bond models like the one above include a strap that goes around your neck and the neck of the pump to prevent it falling off. 

And a few reviewers also mention the possibility that your Haakaa pump full of precious breastmilk might fall over.

It *might* fall over

In many, many uses, I’m pretty sure I only knocked mine over once.

But – sure – it’s devastating to see that milk go to waste.

Which is probably why the makers designed Haakaa mark 2 with a stopper for the neck of the bottle and a suction base.

Both definitely good to have if you’ve got little ones running around or even if you don’t.

The 2nd generation Haakaa with suction base

So here’s the second generation model, which is a little more expensive but if you’re worried about knocking it over those extra few $$$ might be well worth it for the peace of mind.

You get a suction base with this model and a tight fitting lid or cute stopper like this:

The capacity’s the same as the base model at 4oz / 100 ml.

Weight 4.2 oz

Height 6.7 inches

This similar product from Nuby has much the same features and is often cheaper if you’re okay with going with a different brand.

So maybe a stopper and suction base sound pretty good – but the third generation Haakaa model goes even further. It’s basically a feeding system in itself. 

Let’s take a closer look.

The new 3rd generation Haakaa is even more flexible

Unlike the earlier models, you can unscrew the bottle part of the new Haakaa and convert it right away into a baby feeding bottle, sippy cup or milk storage container. 

So the 3rd generation silicone pump from Haakaa is no longer a one piece.

This has pros and cons.

On the positive side, you can pump breastmilk, unscrew the top flange section and replace it with a nipple and lid ready to feed straight to your baby when they need it.

That seems pretty neat.

On the other hand, it’s more bits to wash up.

And it’s available in 2 sizes – 5oz and 8oz, so either will hold more than the traditional one piece Haakaa.

I love how it combines the ease of the original Haakaa with the convenience of a classic breast-to-baby pumping system.

It is a little more expensive and also heavier – the smaller one weighing in at 11.5 oz and the larger one at 12.8 oz –  but it’s definitely worth considering. 

If, like me, you’d like to see the difference, this review includes a photo with side-by-side of the original and 3rd generation for comparison.)

The new model is quite a bit bigger.

Which silicone pump to choose?

Obviously, this is a subjective choice.

Only you know your priorities – I’m just here to try and save you a little time. 

With that in mind:

If you want to go straight from pumping to feeding, grab a 3rd generation Haakaa.

If you like your stuff as simple as possible, the original Haakaa is your pump.

If you feel like the 3rd gen looks a little heavy but a stopper sounds good –  I’d go with the Nature Bond.

It really is that simple.

Pick one and get back to nursing.

Or go to sleep.

Then you just need to get some milk in that baby.

So let’s talk about getting the milk flowing next >>

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